TOV Three-phase combined overvoltage protector arrester

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    Product characteristics

    High voltage resistance

    Integral moulding

    High dielectric radians

    Small in shape


    Three-phase combined overvoltage protector


    With the increasingly widespread use of vacuum switches, their strong switching capacity leads to various operating voltages. A new topic is put forward for the protection of electric power equipment. Because of the particularity of 3~66kV in our country, conventional medium voltage arresters are insensitive to this kind of operation overvoltage, is unprotected. TOV three-phase combined over-voltage protector (also called YH three-phase combined surge arrester) is a new product to solve this problem.

    This kind of products adopt four-star connection method (called Trident connection method) and set common neutral point, which can not only greatly reduce the phase overvoltage, but also improve the relative protection level qualitatively, it really limits the operating overvoltage of vacuum switch.

    The company’s products for composite insulation, compact structure, ntegral vulcanization complete sealing molding. Select high-quality metal oxide valve and self-blowing special clearance, high performance, safe and convenient. Especially suitable for use with TKYN, TXGN, TGBC, TJYN, TGZS and other types of medium-voltage complete switchgear, or directly installed in small box substation.

    Usage and execution standard

    This product is used in AC medium voltage 3-66kV power system to prevent the operation overvoltage caused by vacuum switch from encroaching on power equipment, and it also has the function of lightning protection at that time.

    This product is a new technology product, the corresponding national standard is still in the process of being worked out, only part of the introduction. Our products technical standard, mainly referring to GB11032-2000 <AC gapless metal oxide arrester> JB / T9672-2005 < Series gap metal oxide arrester > and DL/T620-1997 <Overvoltage protection and insulation coordination of AC electrical equipment> standard formulation, and according to the JB/T10496-2005 < Three-phase combined gapless metal oxide arrester > and unannounced < Three-phase combined type metal oxide arrester with series gap> Standard approval draft is revised and implemented.

    Model meaning

    There are no strict national standard definition rules for this product. At present, each manufacturing enterprise defines its own product according to the model applied by the national testing center, and each enterprise has very different models for the same purpose products. Manufacturing enterprises that have not yet obtained the model certification usually refer to the general provisions of JB/T8459-1996 Method of Lightning Arrester Product Model Compilation to extend the definition.

    The national certification model of our products is TBP, and its model 

    TOV Three-phase combined overvoltage protector

    TOV-85 type use in cabinets of 10KV and below

    Product type Height H (mm)
    10KV Gap 195
    6KV Gap 175
    10KV No gap 175
    6KV No gap 155

    TOV-B1 type use in cabinets of 10KV and below

    Product type Height H (mm)
    10KV Gap 185
    6KV Gap 165
    10KV No gap 165
    6KV No gap 145

    Motor neutral point protection for TOV-150 type

    Product type Height H (mm)
    10KV Gap 190
    6KV Gap 180

    TOV-100W1 type use in cabinets of 10KV and below

    Product type Height H (mm)
    10KV Gap 350
    6KV Gap 330
    10KV No gap 330
    6KV No gap 310

    TOV-280W2 type use in cabinets of 10KV and below

    Product type Height H (mm)
    10KV Gap 400
    6KV Gap 275

    TOV-200 type in 35KV cabinet

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