TYH Medium and high voltage protected lightning arrester

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    Lightning arrester are the basis of insulation cooperation for various electrical equipment (transformers, reactors, capacitors, generators, motors, PT, CT, circuit breakers, contactors, etc.) in power systems, the internal and external insulation indexes of all electrical equipments in power system are determined by the protective performance of the arrester (short-time power frequency withstand voltage, lightning impulse withstand voltage and Switching impulse withstand voltage, etc.).

    The metal oxide arrester, which is called “zinc chloride arrester”, is a new generation of lightning arrester which has been popularized in the world since the United States, Japan and other countries in the 1980s. It is the most advanced product of conventional lightning arrester. After the comprehensive introduction of this technology in the mid-1980s, and through many years of practice, the performance of the exchange arresters in various professional arrester factories is not far behind that of the United States, Japan, Western Europe and other countries, such as the most advanced products. Products that directly meet all the requirements of national standards can also meet all the requirements of international IEC standards.

    The core component of the product is made of zinc chloride-based multi-metal oxide powder, which has excellent non-linear characteristics of one-ampere: quick response to steep waves, large flow capacity.

    The core working element of the product is made of polymetallic oxide powder mainly zinc chloride. The product with gap adopts self-blowing gap with the structure of uniform pressure irradiation, which reduces the dispersion of discharge and has a small impact coefficient.

    The adoption of composite insulating jacket conforms to the trend of miniaturization, safety and maintenance-free of international power products. Compared with traditional inorganic materials such as ceramic and glass, polymer organic composites have the advantages of small volume, light weight, resistance to pollution and no cleaning, explosion protection and vibration proof. Is an integrated, modular medium-high-voltage transmission and transformation complete sets of equipment the preferred lightning protection components.

    Usage and execution standard

    This product is used in AC 220kV and below generation, transmission, substation, distribution system, used to limit the amplitude of lightning and operating overvoltage within the system to a specified level, is the basic equipment of the whole system insulation cooperation. At the same time, this product can not be used to limit the resonance overvoltage; the system harmonic elimination needs to adopt other methods.

    The product model is compiled in accordance with TYH/T8459-1996 Method for Compiling the Model of Lightning Arrester, no gap product executes GB11032-2000 AC Gap-free Metal Oxide Arrester standard, and gap product executes TYH/T9672-2005 Series Gap Metal Oxide Arrester standard. The key parameters and configuration methods not clearly defined in the above standard shall be revised according to the requirements of DL/T620-1997 Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination for AC Electrical Devices.

    Regular service conditions

    1. Ambient temperature: no more than 40 ℃, no less than -40 ℃;
    2. Altitude: not exceeding 2000m;
    3. Power frequency: 50 ±2Hz, 60 ±2Hz;
    4. Earthquake intensity: 7 degrees and below;
    5. Maximum wind speed: 35 m / s;
    6. No cleaning conditions: moderate pollution and the following areas:
    7. For non-gap products, the long-term applied power frequency voltage shall not exceed the arrester continuous operation voltage;
    8. For products with gaps, the short-term power frequency voltage rise at the installation point shall not exceed the rated voltage of the arrester. For long term use in the following abnormal conditions, the arrester shall be specially made and shall be specified when ordering:
    9. Temperature or altitude over the standard (plateau, tropical, cold zone, closed cabinet, near the furnace, etc.).
    10. Severe moisture or corrosive gas impurities (water, saltworks, chemical plants, etc.) in the environment of use;
    11. Strong ultraviolet radiation (plateau, strong sunshine area, etc.);
    12. Heavy pollution areas(mine working face, construction site working face, etc)

    Model Description

    The definition of this product model is in full compliance with the specification of JB/T8459-1996, Method for Compiling the Model of Lightning Arrester, and the specific model description is as follows.


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