ТФЗ (Р) Н-40.5 серија Хигх напона прекидач и комплетна опрема

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  • Порт: Тиањинг
  • Набавка Способност: ТЕНПРО
  • Услови плаћања: Л / Ц, Д / А, Д / П, Т / Т
  • proizvod Детаљ

    karakteristike производа

    ·Integrated tolerance of spring operation

    ·Strong environmental capacity

    ·Suitable for frequent operation

    ·Improved side operation

    TFZ (R) N-40.5 series

    High voltage switch and complete equipment


    TFZN-40.5 / T1250-20 indoor AC high voltage vacuum load switch (hereinafter referred to as vacuum load switch) and TFZRN- 40.5D/T100-31.5 indoor AC high voltage vacuum load switch- fuses combination apparatus (hereinafter referred to as combination) are designed and developed by our company according to GB3804 and GB16926. It is suitable for network with AC 50 Hz, rated voltage 40.5kV. It is designed for wind power solar power 35kV system, and it can be used for wind power tower wall installation, or used in 40.5kV power system or box substation as a separate electrical unit. The structure of the product is scientific and reasonable. The switch spring operating mechanism adopts the two-stage transmission mechanism which has been developed by our company and obtained the patent of national invention. The operation is simple and reliable.

    Модел opis




    Затворени ац Високи напон вакуум оптерећење прекидач


    Indoor AC high voltage vacuum load switch-fuse combiner

    Затворени ац Високи напон вакуум оптерећење прекидач



    Environmental conditions

    1. Below 1000 meters above sea level;
    2. The upper temperature of ambient air is 50 ℃ and the lower limit is -25 ℃. The daily average temperature does not exceed 45 ℃;
    3. Relative humidity: the daily average value is not greater than 95 and the monthly average value is not greater than 90.
    4. The surrounding air is not significantly contaminated by dust, smoke, corrosive or combustible gases, vapors or salt fogs;
    5. The amplitude of electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system is not more than 1.6kV;
    6. The seismic intensity shall not exceed 7 degrees and the inclination shall not exceed 5 degrees.

    Note: The above are the environmental conditions for the use of the conventional configuration switch. If you need to operate under special circumstances (such as high altitude, concentrated salt spray, extremely hot and extremely cold), please refer to the order details on the last page.


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