The knowledge about the binding band can be divided into several types

What happens when the nylon ties break in winter? Let’s discuss it. Now, when winter comes, you know that the plastic thing is going to be very brittle in the winter, because the main component of plastics is macromolecules, and macromolecules are characterized by slow movement at low temperatures and fast movement at high temperatures. In winter, the molecular motion is slow, when the plastic by external objects out of shape, because the molecular motion is slow, the external force is not easily passed away (internal stress of split) or consume (molecular chain friction), so easy to produce stress concentration, when the internal stress to a certain degree, macromolecule is broken, cause of crack, crack will lead the spread of stress concentration, plastic is broken.

Treatment: usually a small amount of water is injected into the bag to alleviate the rupture

Post time: Oct-19-2018
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