The knowledge about the binding band can be divided into several types

The binding band is also called: the binding band knowledge base, the binding band, the locking band.

The common harness belt (nylon) can be divided into: self-locking nylon harness belt, label harness belt, movable buckle harness belt, anti-disassembly (lead seal) harness belt, fixed head harness belt, bolt (airplane head) harness belt, bead harness belt, fish bone harness belt, weather resistant harness belt, etc. The binding belt, which means the binding belt, is designed with the function of stopping and stopping (except the button type). It can only be tightened more tightly, but also has the detachable binding belt (button). There are metal ligatures (usually made of stainless steel) and plastic ligatures. 66) the material is made of injection molding, fireproof grade 94v-2, with good acid resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, aging resistance and strong bearing capacity. Operating temperature is 20 ℃ to + 80 ℃ (ordinary nylon 66).

Post time: Oct-19-2018
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