The 19th African Electricity and Energy Smart Grid and Meter Exhibition in 2019

The 19th African Electricity Energy, Smart Grid and Meter Show was held in Cape Town, South Africa (May 14-May 16). If Tianlipu Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is invited to participate in the exhibition, it will also present -FTU/DTU, an intelligent power distribution terminal product independently produced by our company. This exhibition has discovered a large number of potential customers and laid a foundation for developing new markets.

The South African Power Show is a powerful cosmetic event, jointly organized by South African Power Company (ESKOM), South African Ministry of Industry and Trade (DTI) and POWER GEN AFRICA, a well-known power show. The exhibition covers all industrial chains of electricity and water, radiating the entire African power system.




During the exhibition, the atmosphere at Tianlipu booth was warm, attracting a large number of visitors to stop. The staff warmly and earnestly communicated with each visitor throughout the whole process, explained the operation principle of the equipment in detail, and made the customers have a more intuitive understanding through the demonstration.


In this exhibition, the intelligent power distribution products displayed by our company have attracted strong interest and great attention from local merchants, which fully shows that our products have unique advantages. We also rely on this exhibition to fully display the company’s image and strong technical strength, further enhancing the company’s brand awareness and influence.



Post time: Sep-19-2019
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