One of the ways to identify a nylon tie

The application range of nylon binding tape is very wide. At present, there are many manufacturers producing niza binding tape, and the quality is uneven. Here are some ways to use them for your reference:
First: the appearance quality of nylon tie belt

Cable tie key place is tooth belt and the head cavity and the whole body condition, good cable tie without skin, the residual tooth, feels smooth, round, especially automatic tie machine professional cable tie, need more high quality, appearance and inner pushing and take the lead with body strength, otherwise unable to meet the requirements of automatic. A good nylon tie should be clear and bright, with a slight yellow color, not cloudy and dark. The quality of the raw material is a key concern.

Second key point: the performance quality of nylon tie belt

The most important evaluation emphasis of nylon binding belt is 1. Tension, which is divided into tensile strength and tensile strength. Tensile test cable tie your breath, with the standard and applied to a certain strength, whether take off, or the reverse gear, the head cracking, how fracture must be above the nominal value of tension, the tensile strength is the strong degree for testing cable ties, its tensile strength more than the prescribed standard, can ensure that tie solid degrees. 2. The flexibility of the product is generally inversely proportional to the tensile strength. How to ensure that the tensile strength is up to standard, and the flexibility of the product is also up to standard, is an important indicator for testing the quality of ties. Generally the flexibility of the cable tie with room temperature of 180 ° folded 10 times without cracks for qualified. General cable ties (within the temperature of 85 °) 24 hours after baking folded without cracks for qualified. High temperature cable ties (at 130 °) 24 hours after baking folded without cracks for qualified. Of course, the above inspection can only be completed by test. Usually, high-quality nylon binding bands can also be identified by hand feel: high-quality binding bands are flexible and ductile, smooth and firm to the touch, and can be folded at any place for more than 10 times without any cracks.

In view of the above two points, consumers can check the quality of the nylon tie belt! Although the quality of the products on the market is different, but according to the above standards for comparison reference, I believe you will choose the quality of nylon ties.

Post time: Oct-19-2018
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