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TENPRO ELEC-POWER SCI-TECH LLC (CHINA) is a high-tech Sino-foreign joint venture with vitality and innovation. The company takes “with technology as the core, innovation makes the distribution network more intelligent” as the business philosophy all the time and it researches, develops, produces and sales the distribution network automation intelligent terminal products as the pioneer of the smart grid industry. The products includes intelligent demarcation switch controller of TF series (feeder terminal), intelligent distribution automation station terminal of TD series, intelligent distribution terminal of TT series, intelligent distribution line status monitor of TM series (system), distribution automation master station and substation and medium and high voltage primary switching components and complete sets of equipment, etc. The company has gathered a group of high-quality technical talents from large domestic and foreign enterprises and famous scientific research institutes. In the concept of “technology creates the future”, we are at the forefront of the industry and the times, focusing on innovation. Meanwhile, we constantly adapt to the rapid changes in industry and technology, and continue to innovate and apply new products and technologies and thus providing complete power transmission, distribution and power automation system solutions for power industry users.

The TENPRO brand provides fast and complete technical services and solutions in China and even all around the world. In recent years, the company has continuously invested a large amount of money in product research and development and cutting-edge technology research, especially dedicating to technical research and product development in the field of smart grid 10KV distribution automation. The company, with nearly 1000 square meters Dust-free electronics workshop, possesses experienced and skilled R&D team, a number of patented technology licenses, a complete EMC (electrostatic, fast transient, surge, etc.) R&D laboratory, a comprehensive and strict production quality management system and a group of advanced automation special production equipment and testing equipment and perfect after-sales service system, adopting imported SMT placement machine equipment, high-low temperature aging of PCB board after welding and charged high temperature aging treatment process of complete sets of products which provides a variety of stable and reliable telesignalization and telemetry/ telesignalization, telemetry and telecontrol feeder terminals (TF), station terminal (TD), distribution terminal (TT), and line status monitor (TM) for distribution automation and provides our customers with high performance, high value, low cost products and solutions.

The company has mastered and possessed many key and new technologies in the field of 10KV distribution automation. It has deep knowledge of fault detection and judgment under different neutral grounding systems, and demarcation internal and external fault determination processing algorithm. The company is proficient in large-scale FPGA programming applications, applications from 8-bit microcontrollers to high-end ARM, DSP and other 32-bit processors. The company accumulates rich experience and keeps a high level of embedded Vxworks, linux, ucos system development platform, DSP development platform and industrial grade product EMC hardware design. At present, the products developed and produced by the company have passed the Formal Test of the National Academy of Electric Power, the 2014/2015 National Network New Standard Special Test, the Two-way Encryption Certification Test, the National Network and the South Network Protocol Conformance Test, EMC Test and other certifications. The company’s product design complies with IEC60870-5-101 or 104, DPN3, modbus and other protocols.

The company keeps up with the trend of technology development in the distribution power industry of China and even the world, and constantly updates and upgrades products. Taking “with technology as the core, innovation makes the distribution network more intelligent" as the driving force, the company always follows the business philosophy of “concentration on professionalism, sincerity first” and “quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, integrity is the life of enterprise development, science and innovation is the driving force of enterprise progress, excellent service is the guarantee of market share, and win-win is the goal pursued by the enterprise”. Based on the existing automation technology, the company vigorously promotes the research of the first and second equipment integration technology in the power industry, and strives to build the largest and most professional domestic and international distribution automation intelligent terminal product research and development production base to contribute to the realization of smarter, safer, stronger and more stable distribution network in China and the world. It also comprehensively layout energy management in the new energy field and research, develop and promote Internet big data platforms. In order to realize China’s 2025 strategic planning, the company constantly breaks through high-tech, continuously assists the intelligent command industry and strives to make “TENPRO” into the industry leader of “Made in China 2025” in manufacturing strong country strategy.

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